Eyeliner Tricks Your Should Know

Knowing a few basic eyeliner tips and trick is necessary to make it look even and professional. You can apply eyeliner in many different styles conditional on the event you are getting ready for and the look you want to create. 

A few popular and very useful eyeliner tricks that will enable you to rock different looks are given here; 

Cat Eye 

The first and most common eyeliner trick that many ladies love to use is cat eyeliner technique. It opens up your eyes and gives you the desired dramatic effect adequately. You may want to spice up your cat eyes by adding a spiky curve or even by painting the area around the eyes with preferred color. 

Colored Eyeliner 

Eyeliner is not supposed to be brown or black all the time, rather you may also go with blue, pink or purple eyeliner if you are daring enough to do so. Come on lades!!! Be brave and daring!! And pair up your liner with your colored eyeshadow and mascara and see what this eyeliner technique can do to stand your eyes, making you look even more alluring and mesmerizing. 

Drop Eye

 Dropped eyeliner trick is in fact known to very few and most women even don’t know what a ‘drop eye’ exactly is. It is in fact when you put on liner to half of your lower lid. It seems like you are leaving the line after halfway coating it. It looks extremely pretty and super chic.

 Thick Lines 

Thick line is another eyeliner trick that I personally love a lot. Whether you’re creating winged eye or aiming at achieving cat eyes, chunky lines are very trendy at the moment! Besides looking trendier, thick lines also make your eyelashes seem fuller and thicker. 

Smudged Liner 

Smudged is one more lovable and easy eyeliner trick that can make a huge difference on how gorgeous your peepers look. All you have to do for spicing up your eyes with smudged trick is to smudge the liner a bit to the outside edges of your eyes; you may also want to smudge liner at the bottom of your eyes. 

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